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About The Owner

Kiana Shaw is the owner of Kiana Shaw Enterprises, LLC and all its subsidiaries. She is a Certified Self Mastery Coach, Certified Business Coach, Certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructor, 5X-time bestselling author, public speaker, and award-winning podcast host. For more than a decade, she has been teaching personal transformation and professional development for various organizations and schools, including: Los Angeles Sparks, Los Angeles Clippers, Goodwill SOLAC, Los Padrinos Juvenile Detention Facility, Los Angeles African American Women’s Public Policy Institute, Crenshaw High School, Centennial High School, Challengers Boys and Girls Club and more!

In addition to pouring into her daughter, Kiana teaches Breakthrough Parenting Classes with local organizations, runs her LeadHERship Academy for teen girls, and is committed helping our youth develop into productive citizens. 

Having been featured on CBS, FOX, NBC and ABC, Kiana’s success is powered by her desire to see everyone win! With her ‘each one reach one and everyone can grow’ mentality, she a heart rooted in service and action. Kiana’s life statement is, “vision without action is hallucination.”

Connect at www.KianaShaw.Enterprises or email her at Kiana@KianaShaw.com

KRS Training and Development

KRS Training and Development, was designed to fill the gap between those who want to improve their current conditions and their ability to do so. 

Our mission is to encourage the development of individuals by providing interactive self-mastery and professional development workshops, tools and resources our participants can apply to their lives to gain and maintain employment that leads to self-sufficiency.

Our core value is to connect your personal development with your professional success.

In our Curriculum, we teach:

Breakthrough Parenting

“Moving your family from struggling to cooperating.”

Through our Mastermind Program, Breakthrough Parenting, we provide bite-size and extensive parenting assistance.

This program is designed to help parents understand how children think, how they function at different ages, and how to get effective discipline through teaching what to do, rather than what not to do. All of this with no manipulation and no violence.

In the Breakthrough Parenting Program we teach:

1. Three Approaches to Raising Children—the difference in them and how to choose the most effective way based on psychological research

2. How to Become Inner-Directed—prevent the victim syndrome, teach children how to take responsibility, use the power of positive thinking and set personal boundaries.

3. Getting to the Source of Behavior—the underlying thoughts, feelings and needs

4. Teaching Responsibility—how to solve any family problem in six steps

5. Helping Children Build Healthy Self-Esteem—inspire children to do better, and show that mistakes can be valuable

6. Communicating Effectively—how to handle disciplinary situations with 90% less stress

7. Influencing Children Positively—how to used different leadership styles

8. Problems with Punishment—differences between verbal and physical punishment

9. Discipline with Love—how to address different behavior problems, how to use natural consequences that children can understand, and how to plan ahead to prevent problems before they occur

10. How Children Think—how to find your child’s particular strengths

11. Learning to Love—how children develop from birth to young adult

12. Reducing Stress in the Family—how to understand the specific needs of each of us

13. Resolving Family Conflicts—how to identify conflict, use the four most effective conflict resolution strategies

14. Talking about Sensitive Subjects—how to do it effectively with our seven guidelines and deal with life-threatening issues for teens

15. Living a Self-Actualized Life—how to set useful family goals, and teach your children to recognize the consequences of our choices

KRS Coaching and Facilitating 

LeadHERship Academy is our signature program for teen girls. Here, we help them develop into well-rounded young ladies who make integrity based decisions and close it out with a beautiful rites of passage ceremony.